Disco® Marigolds Mix
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Disco® Marigolds Mix

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Disco is a riot of bright color on compact, well-branched, early-blooming plants. The 2 1/4-inch blooms dazzle in festive shades of yellow, orange, and red (including bi-colors), and they arise in tremendous numbers on these compact yet well-branched 12-inch plants. Both the first to bloom and the most floriferous in our trials, Disco is a showstopper!

All very uniform in habit and bloom time, these colors are dazzling alone or in a mixed planting. They're a great choice for beds, borders, and containers of all types, including window boxes. They keep their bright color over a long season, and their high bud count means that you'll enjoy many flushes of fresh bloom! Superb for edging, they are even effective in vegetable gardens, where they repel nematodes naturally. And where Marigolds go, butterflies follow!

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